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At Developing Minds Psychological Services Ltd., Dr. Campbell Reay leads a team of Chartered Clinical Neuropsychologists, and Associate Professionals with a wealth of experience. Their services, based in the Midlands are available nationwide, provide support for individuals, couples, families, case managers, solicitors and organisations such as the National Health Service, Social Services, third sector providers and the Criminal Justice System.

For more details, please contact us with any questions you may have. Please be assured all contacts will be handled in the utmost confidence.

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Professional Services


After a neuropsychological assessment, we tailor strategies to an individual's needs for a clear rehabilitation plan.

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Spinal Cord Injuries

We assist clients and their families during the challenging adjustment period following a spinal cord injury.

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Medico Legal Services

We excel in legal reports, counsel advice, expert testimony, and cross-specialty consultancy support.

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We believe well-trained staff are more confident and reach their full potential, enhancing organizational effectiveness.

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Occupational Health Services

Whether small or large, public or private sector, our consultants provide tailored business psychology advice and interventions.

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We have provided supervision to various professionals, including Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Neuropsychologists, Occupational Therapists and Case Managers.

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Therapeutic approaches

Compassion Focused Therapy

Compassion focused therapy is a process of developing compassion and kindness for the self and others.

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Mindfulness Approaches

Mindfulness is an integrative mind-body approach in which a mental state is achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT involves understanding how your thoughts, feelings and behaviour interact to play a role in your problems.

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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

ACT is a form of therapy that teaches mindfulness skills with a large emphasis on connecting with values, to that which matters the most to us.

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Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a comprehensive psychotherapy that helps you process and recover from past experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • When you feel you can't do it alone.
  • When you feel trapped and there's nowhere to turn.
  • When you frequently worry and never seem to find the answers.
  • When the way you feel is affecting your sleep, your eating habits, your job, your relationships, your everyday life.
  • When it's not getting any better.

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