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Occupational Health Services

Whether your business is small or large, in the voluntary, public or private sector, our business psychology consultants can offer advice and interventions specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation. We can also offer individual psychological assessments for occupational health purposes.

We can help organisations manage absenteeism and help individuals return to work by providing support in the following areas:

Organisational Change Management

Organisations are constantly changing and therefore management and staff regularly need updating or help in coping with these processes. We can provide support with:

  • Managing change in organisations
  • Helping teams to cope with transition
  • Teambuilding days with expert facilitators
  • Working smarter not harder

Workplace Assessments

  • Psychological Assessments of injury following accidents at work
  • Assessment of work related stress and the design and implementation of return to work programmes

Harassment and Bullying

This is one of the major sources of absenteeism. Staff become demotivated, suffer from poor morale, and may develop anxiety, depression or alcohol and drug problems. We can work with both individual victims and the organisation to develop policies and procedures to tackle work place bullying. We also are able to support and train managers to handle these situations.

Managing Trauma and Critical Incidents

We can help with:

  • Developing policies on Trauma and Critical Incidents
  • Conducting debriefing sessions post-incident
  • Providing therapeutic approaches for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Supporting staff within the organisation who manage incidents

Stress Management

Work related stress could be described as the psychological distress which results when work related demands placed upon an individual exceed their individual coping capacity. This can lead to the development of anxiety and depression. We are able to help organisations by offering stress awareness training for managers and key staff and providing psychological support.